Upgrade your commercial, industrial, and multifamily buildings' energy efficiency and clean energy improvements with low-cost loans.


Unlike typical loans, PACE investments are repaid through a special tax assessment.  The payments never increase over time, and the repayment obligation transfers automatically to the next owner if the property is sold.​

This spreads the cost of clean energy improvements, enabling you to overcome the initial costs of investing in clean energy and start saving right away!

Up to 100% financing for energy- and water-saving upgrades, including soft costs like energy audits and engineering

Annual savings that typically exceed annual payments


Any measure that directly reduces utility costs or adds renewable generating capacity is eligible for LordCap PACE financing if it meets the eligibility in the property owner’s Jurisdiction. In addition, LordCap PACE can finance measures that are substantially related to or necessary for the installation of these energy and water conservation measures (e.g. a new roof to support a solar installation). 


Some examples of eligible products are:



To check availability in your area, get more information about your jurisdiction, or to find out if your property is eligible, start the application process by clicking the link below!


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